In memoriam: Wink

Wink has gone to the eternal pond; the fish Valhalla. Having never been sick until recently, and having had a number of tankmates (and stolen Filly's color from her)— this magical little jazz-poet of a pond comet has gone. I will miss his beautiful arabesques in the Wink tank. Wink and Mimsy (who lasted but… Continue reading In memoriam: Wink

*things that breathe without lungs

Today I put a new plant* in the tank where Wink* and Fillyjonk* live. They seem quite happy about it, as fishes* go.

wink’s new tankmate

Wink & Fillyjonk, red and white comets rescued from a feeder tank Meet Fillyjonk, Wink's new tankmate (she's on the right, with the solid red dorsal stripe). They've been doing some fish get-to-know-you dances since yesterday afternoon, when Fillyjonk was introduced into the wink-tank. Fillyjonk's name comes from the Moominvalley books by Tove Jansson. They… Continue reading wink’s new tankmate

more wink.

Wink in his new condo– a fluval edge tank the wink tank   (note: poor miss mimsy passed to the other side last week.)

* note to self– there's a scarecity of images of the big fishes on this blog thing. Put up some nice ones of them all.

shelter, swelter or soak.

Those were the primary options over the weekend, but we had a good one of it anyway. A roving wander took us through Vinegar Hill , DUMBO and into the Heights on Saturday, finally trapped in air conditioning with beer and a Mets game as the torrents began in earnest. Tasted and bought some delicious… Continue reading shelter, swelter or soak.

Sunday, winter.

A wet and dreary outlook, weather-wise, but a fine Sunday. Wintermarket came off very well from the looks of it (a wonderful project I've lately become involved with, as a designer). Ben and I had a lovely dinner and visit with a friend in Manhattan tonight. On our walk between downtown and Union Square, I… Continue reading Sunday, winter.


This time of year, now that the temperatures are feeling much more in keeping with our idea of seasons, makes it a difficult thing to get out of bed! The coziness of soft sheets, piled over with a down duvet; just too inviting. Discipline is required! Sheer will power! This morning as I pulled myself… Continue reading seasonal