A Moominvalley morning in full sun

I love the world Tove Jannson created with her wonderful Moomin books. The writing and illustrations are top notch, full of subtlty and wistfulness and the complex emotions we don't always allow children* to have, or forget they have. Her works are up there with Edward Gorey to my mind, and the beautiful animations made… Continue reading A Moominvalley morning in full sun

The bear-old urge to hibernate returns with the autumnal equinox

The problem with having a comfortable bed with cozy bedclothes and a good pillow, tucked away in a nook that gets only residual light from the front room, is that even when you go to sleep early, leaving plenty of time for a full eight hours– you still want hit snooze and go back to… Continue reading The bear-old urge to hibernate returns with the autumnal equinox