The bear-old urge to hibernate returns with the autumnal equinox

Hardwick House Estate, Victorian architecture

The problem with having a comfortable bed with cozy bedclothes and a good pillow, tucked away in a nook that gets only residual light from the front room, is that even when you go to sleep early, leaving plenty of time for a full eight hours– you still want hit snooze and go back to the dream in which you’re about to embark on an adventure abroad. This is a particular problem as the weather shifts to cooler temperatures more suited to sleep.

Above is an image of a house on the Hardwick House Estate in Bury St Edmonds; just the sort of place one might enjoy a good hibernation if, for example, one couldn’t make it to the Moomin house (below).

segment of 'A Map of Moominvalley' by Tove Jansson
A Map of Moominvalley

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Photo from Wiki: Victorian Architecture
Drawing from Tove Jansson’s Moominvalley in November

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