The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The day following the feast was sunny and mild, inviting of a long wander. Following lunch in a sunny local, we embarked on a meandering walk that included many stops along the way in a handful of neighborhoods. Eventually we found ourselves again at the harbor, staring out at moon-glittered water in the early dark.… Continue reading The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The coffee was still hot

Day eleven of #Inktober. The coffee was still hot, but he was nowhere to be found in the house. A window was open across the room, and a chill wind came through. . more art: @edaggarart &

One week: 100 people [days 6-7]

Well, I'm sorry to report that I lost steam in this challenge! Saturday was a scorcher, and I did these few drawings while waiting for the ferry and at the beach, but not enough. And Sunday, well, Sunday I was exhausted and the thought of 36 more drawings was too much. I will continue drawing… Continue reading One week: 100 people [days 6-7]