Day twenty-two: A photo from her youth

Day twenty-two: A photo from her youth; freckled after a Summer spent at a warmer seaside town with her family +   +   +

Day seven

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It’s Our Pleasure to Serve you

Here is a sketch from last night that I initially posted on instagram with the title “It's Our Pleasure to Serve You, off the clock". New Yorkers may recognize this personification of the blue and white Greek-styled coffee cup;  the default paper cup used in thousands of corner delis for years. And here are some… Continue reading It’s Our Pleasure to Serve you

Returned from a trip abroad

Apologies for the long gap in activity here. I did so well with a minimum of 1-2 posts per week for over two years, and recently dropped the ball! I was on a trip to my usuals over the past couple of weeks; Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris— photos forthcoming as I go through my selects,… Continue reading Returned from a trip abroad

The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The day following the feast was sunny and mild, inviting of a long wander. Following lunch in a sunny local, we embarked on a meandering walk that included many stops along the way in a handful of neighborhoods. Eventually we found ourselves again at the harbor, staring out at moon-glittered water in the early dark.… Continue reading The day following the feast was sunny and mild

The shapes created by the spaces between things

One of the reasons I enjoy poetry is because it comprises all of my favorite ways of making. It’s creating images with words, yes; a kind of storytelling. But it’s about so much more than just the correct or precise words —more than denotation or connotation— it’s also about design. It’s about how the words interact… Continue reading The shapes created by the spaces between things

The flapper!

Here is a glimpse at number three in the ongoing series of illustrations for a book. Finger waves on a flapper.

I left my sketchbook home, so– index card drawings

Observations in ink

Sketchbook anthropology during a birthday gathering in a crowded bar.

Silenced is not Equal: #BlackLivesMatter

Here is the latest in my "Don't See Don't Speak" (or the Red Hand of Shut It) series— something more topical in response to the tragic and avoidable events of last week. Please feel free to share this widely and repost (as is). Below are some progress scans of the pencilling. One again, I forgot to… Continue reading Silenced is not Equal: #BlackLivesMatter