This is a drawing about a saxophone

This is a sketch from a couple weekends ago. My friends Sarah & Tara were performing at Freddy's Bar & Backroom, and the band that followed them was Elijah Shiffer And The Robber Crabs. The sax player had a sort of steam punk-looking alto sax— it had a machine-like patina not generally associated with such an… Continue reading This is a drawing about a saxophone

Returned from a trip abroad

Apologies for the long gap in activity here. I did so well with a minimum of 1-2 posts per week for over two years, and recently dropped the ball! I was on a trip to my usuals over the past couple of weeks; Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris— photos forthcoming as I go through my selects,… Continue reading Returned from a trip abroad

Dishing on design!

This is a fun little sketch I started while watching Project Runway. It is one of few ‘reality tv’ shows I enjoy, mainly because the contestants (however manipulated, scripted, or edited out of context for drama) do actually design and create the clothing on the show. I love watching the process, and seeing the results.… Continue reading Dishing on design!

Serpentines and dots; strategic pops

These went through many stages, and in retrospect I  think the yellow glow in the final (below) went too far, although I sort of like the contrast it adds. But I love monochrome, and when it was all just the blues, greys and pops of red, it was stronger. Also, with the yellow added, it… Continue reading Serpentines and dots; strategic pops

My adorable bicycle is person No.74

Here’s one I did the other day, but just finished it now, especially for the Thursday post. It's my bicycle, a Globe Daily 1, and I love it. Its (his?) name is Boric, named by Z, back when he decided my witch name is Lizzie Boric. The basket on the back is one that's intended… Continue reading My adorable bicycle is person No.74

a new portrait study

Started a pencil portrait study on the weekend, but I wanted to do some fast and loose work to get back into the swing of drawing, so markers and Moleskine tonight, and my collection of Victorian and Edwardian era portraits. This is a cropped photo from my phone taken about midway through. Full finished study… Continue reading a new portrait study