Serpentines and dots; strategic pops

watercolor and marker sketch, fashion sketchThese went through many stages, and in retrospect I  think the yellow glow in the final (below) went too far, although I sort of like the contrast it adds. But I love monochrome, and when it was all just the blues, greys and pops of red, it was stronger.

Also, with the yellow added, it lost its fine balance of negative space, because that yellow is so intense— it’s a thing! Definitely more particle than wave, as far as light goes.

It’s always about EDITING!

watercolor sketch, fashion

6 thoughts on “Serpentines and dots; strategic pops”

  1. I LOVE this painting… I definitely agree with you about the golden/yellow glow being a little too far… I preferred it without, however it’s still beautiful either way… they’re almost separate pieces, both feel like a different tone almost, and I love both!

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