Strike a Pose I bought a new refillable brush pen last night; it takes cartridges of permanent ink like a fountain pen. I did this drawing to take it for a test drive, and I kinda love how it turned out, after some pushing and pulling. I paired it with a white paint pen and… Continue reading VOGUE

Dishing on design!

This is a fun little sketch I started while watching Project Runway. It is one of few ‘reality tv’ shows I enjoy, mainly because the contestants (however manipulated, scripted, or edited out of context for drama) do actually design and create the clothing on the show. I love watching the process, and seeing the results.… Continue reading Dishing on design!

Serpentines and dots; strategic pops

These went through many stages, and in retrospect I  think the yellow glow in the final (below) went too far, although I sort of like the contrast it adds. But I love monochrome, and when it was all just the blues, greys and pops of red, it was stronger. Also, with the yellow added, it… Continue reading Serpentines and dots; strategic pops

Some fun with fashion sketching

A little sketch I did last week; result of watching Project Runway. After inking and applying watercolor, I went in with an opaque white paint marker, in varying degrees of density. It stays wet initially, especially when you press down and get a big blob, so you can blot with cloth to make it more… Continue reading Some fun with fashion sketching

Remember that project I mentioned? Inking fine lines

Here are some sneak peaks of the first two illustrations for the book I'm working on. These top to are photos showing much of the finished illustrations, and below are details of the scanned images. I need to gain momentum; I'd like to complete 3-4 illustrations per week to keep this moving. Gotta stay motivated!… Continue reading Remember that project I mentioned? Inking fine lines

CFDA Fashion Awards

I'll be the first to admit: I don't follow fashion– not in an active pursuit, anyway. I enjoy flipping through the glossies during my pedicure and I've always loved fashion photography, but most of my (limited) pool of knowledge over the past ten years can be attributed watching Sex and the City. I've had a… Continue reading CFDA Fashion Awards