Day twenty-three: the Journal

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The flapper!

Here is a glimpse at number three in the ongoing series of illustrations for a book. Finger waves on a flapper.

Remember that project I mentioned? Inking fine lines

Here are some sneak peaks of the first two illustrations for the book I'm working on. These top to are photos showing much of the finished illustrations, and below are details of the scanned images. I need to gain momentum; I'd like to complete 3-4 illustrations per week to keep this moving. Gotta stay motivated!… Continue reading Remember that project I mentioned? Inking fine lines

Do you have a new project for Spring?

I've begun a new project that I'll be posting about here periodically (if not frequently). I'll not reveal the details just yet, only a slice of the first drawing. I spent last weekend researching in preparation after an idea from last year resurfaced. I love it when an idea that's collected some dust raises its head… Continue reading Do you have a new project for Spring?

A record year for rainfall p.1

Hard-cover binding of the Moleskine Cahier sent to me in June; I used an ostrich pattern leather and handmade screenprinted paper, purchased years ago– finally put to use. So begins my journey into Art House Coop's Sketchbook Project, a collective project the contents of which will tour six American cities, then find a permanent home… Continue reading A record year for rainfall p.1