A record year for rainfall p.1

Electrofork- The ketcbook Project 2011
Hard-cover binding of the Moleskine Cahier sent to me in June; I used an ostrich pattern leather and handmade screenprinted paper, purchased years ago– finally put to use.

So begins my journey into Art House Coop’s Sketchbook Project, a collective project the contents of which will tour six American cities, then find a permanent home at The Brooklyn Art Library. I must complete the book and return it by January 15, 2011, so I have some time. Now it’s bound, I’ll have to think more on what it shall contain. Stay tuned for updates, here on the blog, or over at my Sketchbook Project page, here.

More images of the book:

Close-up showing binding

Electrofork- The Sketchbook Project 2011

Electrofork- The Sketchbook Project 2011
Italian endpapers in orange and magenta– with gold overprinted tracings.

Electrofork- The Sketchbook Project 2011
“A record year for rainfall” is the theme I chose from the Sketchbook Project site.

I like the dappled pattern of this leather. It reminds me of exaggerated movie raindrops. I am feeling inclined to water-stain the whole of the interior in the interest of extending the theme. Make the thing look ancient, as if it has seen many travels and many rains; foxing, dog-eared corners and the like.

This is what it looked like before binding.

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