A respite from the heat of an August afternoon

The Unisphere in Queens serves as a water park for many
Splashing about in the massive fountains at the base the Unisphere in the World’s Fairgrounds in Queens.

After a Mets game at Citi Field yesterday (they won!), Steve, Ben and I headed over to the Queens museum of Art to view the panorama of New York City, and just outside the museum resides the Unisphere, constructed for the World’s Fair in 1964. Such an amazing site to come upon on an August day in the ninety-degree range! We removed our shoes and joined the splashing immediately. The water was cool and refreshing, and the scene was incredible. Despite a sign instructing visitors not to enter the fountain, the cops happily  left well enough alone.

Below the images of the Unisphere are a couple of shots of the New York City panorama model, which resides in the Queens Museum of Art.

Unisphere fountain in Queens, NY

Unisphere fountain in Queens, NY
looking up at the top of the sphere

Do not enter the fountain
Please do not enter fountain!

Unisphere fountain in Queens, NY
Ben in the fountain

Unisphere fountain in Queens, NY
Steve heads for the sprays to cool off

The impressive panorama of New York City at the Queens Museum of Art: Lower Manhattan and Governor’s Island in the foreground; Queens and Brooklyn in the background.

Panorama, Midtown Manhattan buildings
A close-up of buildings in Midtown Manhattan: DENSITY!

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