work island : queens edition

For the good citizens of Queens, a new edition of prints! These will be available as prints at Lockwood Shop in Queens within a couple weeks! Possibly the alternate as well— the borough of dreams edition... (after the jump)

A respite from the heat of an August afternoon

Splashing about in the massive fountains at the base the Unisphere in the World's Fairgrounds in Queens. After a Mets game at Citi Field yesterday (they won!), Steve, Ben and I headed over to the Queens museum of Art to view the panorama of New York City, and just outside the museum resides the Unisphere,… Continue reading A respite from the heat of an August afternoon

A day in Queens

Threatening skies over Citifield A diner in sodden Willets Point The lights as we wait for a table in Joe's Shanghai These are from Saturday (Oct 3)– the rest of them (and more photos from Fire Island) are finally up at my flickr page.