A hundred eyes look upon us but cannot see us

A hundred eyes look upon us but they cannot see us Two bridges in fog and no one to cross them

Some tall ones in the ‘Hatters

That’s what some few of we Brooklynites call Manhattan— the ‘Hatters*. Also,  Work Island, The Big Town. Often accompanied by a groan (implying the MTA, etc) I’ve been spending a fair amount of time there the past few weeks, and it’s been brilliant. I’ve had to re-calibrate my perspective; always a healthy pursuit. Seeing my… Continue reading Some tall ones in the ‘Hatters

Manhattan: a cul-de-sac of Illogic

The mist had become rain proper by the time we emerged island-side to East Village sidewalks full of hopefuls.

A walking tour: Chelsea to South Slope

Work took me to the isle of Manhattan today. As the meeting was in Chelsea, I availed myself of the opportunity to walk the High Line. I continued south and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and walked all the way home.

work island : queens edition

For the good citizens of Queens, a new edition of prints! These will be available as prints at Lockwood Shop in Queens within a couple weeks! Possibly the alternate as well— the borough of dreams edition... (after the jump)

“Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy

For any Brooklynites out there who feel an occasional pang of disdain toward that slender, sometimes tiresome island across the river, this one's for you; it's a gicleé print on 8" x 10"— ready to go into a frame immediately. I've also reprised my darling, dear, disaffected Mythologicals series from 2005  into 8" x 10" prints, and… Continue reading “Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy