The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

As I posted about a lot over the past few months, I’ve designed a calendar based on the signs of the Zodiac, but re-invented as house sigils or shields, complete with a house motto that distills the nature of each sign to a single phrase (as in the Game of Thrones series and the long heraldic… Continue reading The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

Resin jewelry process

Zac has undertaken to be my apprentice since I decided to get back into making photographic resin pendants, etc. We did our first batch last week. Step one involves selecting images, sizing them to the bezel settings, printing them out on hi quality paper, and trimming the images by hand. We then seal the images into… Continue reading Resin jewelry process

Maps & territories on Etsy

Some cool new pieces have been added to my Etsy shop; these are some of the pieces Zac and I have been working on over the past month or so. Landscapes in oil on reclaimed cedar shingles (as posted recently) and the first of a handful of vintage cartographic cigar boxes. Check 'em out on Etsy.… Continue reading Maps & territories on Etsy

“Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy

For any Brooklynites out there who feel an occasional pang of disdain toward that slender, sometimes tiresome island across the river, this one's for you; it's a gicleé print on 8" x 10"— ready to go into a frame immediately. I've also reprised my darling, dear, disaffected Mythologicals series from 2005  into 8" x 10" prints, and… Continue reading “Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy

tiny prints now on Etsy

Go now! Add a charmingly diminutive print to your collection.

Feedback re: Calendria

I've been quite the absentee landlord of this space for the past few weeks. Still haven't much new (maybe a few drawings will be forthcoming), so I am going to share some of the praise that has come through from folks who've purchased the map on Etsy... “The product was everything I thought it would… Continue reading Feedback re: Calendria

Editor’s picks on Etsy– Calendria!

Noticed I got an editor's pick this morning, Calendria having been featured on this blog entry on Etsy. And I noticed too late, apparently, as there was a sudden jump in traffic to my etsy shop yesterday and the calendars were sold out of the shop overnight! Poor timing! But more have been added today.

Calendria on FPO!

Thanks to the folks over at "Under Consideration" for featuring the calendar-map on their design blog, For Print Only (FPO). Exciting! An excerpt: "With one side featuring the intricate and finely detailed map, and the other a subtle and muted calendar peppered with old-style characteristics, this piece should keep your discovery level high as you… Continue reading Calendria on FPO!

New jewelry listed on etsy today

Another busy day. I've added some new things to my etsy shop over the past couple of days, with more to come tomorrow, so go do some holiday shopping! (Expedited shipping is available– convo  before buying...) Also signed up to a new server today and began the transfer process. Since I've haven't done this before,… Continue reading New jewelry listed on etsy today

The calendar is on Etsy

Some of the gift set offerings Compass cufflinks and matted art prints of the coats of arms for the twelve sovereignties are in the shop. So far only four months' worth of art prints are up, but the remaining ten are in progress!  Click here to go to the shop. Go now! Also soon to… Continue reading The calendar is on Etsy