Resin jewelry process


Zac has undertaken to be my apprentice since I decided to get back into making photographic resin pendants, etc. We did our first batch last week. Step one involves selecting images, sizing them to the bezel settings, printing them out on hi quality paper, and trimming the images by hand. We then seal the images into the bezels so that the resin doesn’t soak through. Above are the bezels sealed and ready for resin.


Here is the process of filling the bezels with resin. I use Envirotex 2-part resin, which has a working time of about 20 minutes after mixing. It’s really liquid-y at first, so you have to be careful not to over-fill. As you can see, we are exceedingly high-tech, employing a disposable plastic spoon as the delivery method.


After filling all of them with resin— they should be filled until the surface tension creates a domed effect— bubbles will begin to form as the resin off-gasses. CO2 eliminates the bubbles, so you can either exhale over the surfaces, or use a torch if you prefer to avoid breathing the fumes. This little torch uses a refillable butane lighter as its fuel tank. (It’s worth noting that resin doesn’t “dry” like paint; it undergoes a chemical process, a curing, which is why the two parts cannot be combined until ready to use. Instructions must be followed to the letter!) The off-gassing is a by-product of the curing process, and you have to check for bubbles every 15-20 minutes for several hours until it has fully set-up.


Above are the completed, cured pendants. In the large version of this image you can see the dome-shapes that the resin creates. This time I’ve found some smallish, round stainless steel bezels that may just be gender-neutral when paired with leather cord necklaces, which are on the way. Also I will be selling new pieces as pendants, so they can either be bought alone (if you already have a chain), or paired with a necklace of your choice. The Etsy Shop is here, but will be getting a bit of a re-vamp as we finish up new pieces.

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