A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

Alright! It’s time again for another Electrofork calendar. I’ve been threatening to employ Kickstarter for some project or other for years, and the time has come. The project has been laid out as follows:

A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— Winter is coming

[Press Release for full details here.]

In short–

I’m designing a calendar based on the signs of the zodiac, which will be re-invented as house sigils complete with a house motto as in the Game of Thrones series— and the long tradition of heraldry that inspired George R. R. Martin’s family house structures in his books.

The calendar will consist of 12 rack cards —4”x9”, which can be trimmed down to 4”x6’ postcards, suitable for framing or sending at the end of the year. They’ll be printed on card stock with a ‘silk’ finish (very smooth, luxurious matte coating).

To learn more, have a look at my Kickstarter page!

Below are the first two months:


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