Calendria on FPO!

Thanks to the folks over at “Under Consideration” for featuring the calendar-map on their design blog, For Print Only (FPO). Exciting! An excerpt:

“With one side featuring the intricate and finely detailed map, and the other a subtle and muted calendar peppered with old-style characteristics, this piece should keep your discovery level high as you encounter the minutiae and read the inspired copy.”

For the record (I’m adding this on January 5, 2010), I tallied up the hours spent on the calendar-map itself and on its attendant web site and the total was 225 hours between May and October; the web site hours added up to 20 of those.

* * *


I have opened up a second shop on our trusty Esty; this one dedicated to paintings, printed matter– “and other nonsense of the highest order.” Click the image [or here] to go have a look. More items will be added steadily.

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