Risk-y adventures in time

A few months ago I received an email missive from one Bart, "an amateur mapmaker in an online Risk game, Landgrab.net." He explained, “You can create your own maps and upload them to the site and play there against other players.” Said he’d found Calendria online while searching for maps to get ideas for games;… Continue reading Risk-y adventures in time

Calendria in the press

Just stumbled upon a post at TopDesign Mag entitled "Calendar Design at its Best—15 Superb Examples", and to my delight, Calendria (my calendar for 2010) was among them. Bloody jolly! Maybe I should design another calendar this year, as I've not done one since. Hmmm something to think about; always good to have a project in addition… Continue reading Calendria in the press

Feedback re: Calendria

I've been quite the absentee landlord of this space for the past few weeks. Still haven't much new (maybe a few drawings will be forthcoming), so I am going to share some of the praise that has come through from folks who've purchased the map on Etsy... “The product was everything I thought it would… Continue reading Feedback re: Calendria

Thanks to Strange Maps!

For this lovely post about Calendria. Many copies still available through Etsy.

Editor’s picks on Etsy– Calendria!

Noticed I got an editor's pick this morning, Calendria having been featured on this blog entry on Etsy. And I noticed too late, apparently, as there was a sudden jump in traffic to my etsy shop yesterday and the calendars were sold out of the shop overnight! Poor timing! But more have been added today.

on Quality and Style

Repost of FPO coverage of Calendria. Thanks for the mention! Happy Holidays everyone!

from Selectism | Around the web

Scroll down to number three, Calendria (re-post from FPO) December 16.

Electrofork art in Artez’n this month

A selection of postersn, art prints, jewelry and of course the maps are on display at Artez'n this month. For more information about the shop/gallery, see this article. Or just stop by and see for yourself: Artez'n * 444 Atlantic Ave December Hours: Monday & Tuesday 2-7pm  •  Wednesday – Saturday 11am to 7pm  •… Continue reading Electrofork art in Artez’n this month

I Love Handmade!

Another thank you for Calendria press, this time to I Love Handmade, a blog featuring Beautiful handmade products from around the world.  Many thanks!

Calendria on FPO!

Thanks to the folks over at "Under Consideration" for featuring the calendar-map on their design blog, For Print Only (FPO). Exciting! An excerpt: "With one side featuring the intricate and finely detailed map, and the other a subtle and muted calendar peppered with old-style characteristics, this piece should keep your discovery level high as you… Continue reading Calendria on FPO!