Risk-y adventures in time


A few months ago I received an email missive from one Bart, “an amateur mapmaker in an online Risk game, Landgrab.net.” He explained, “You can create your own maps and upload them to the site and play there against other players.” Said he’d found Calendria online while searching for maps to get ideas for games; for new lands to grab, presumably. Anyway, he kindly asked permission to use Calendria as a basis for creating a playable map thereof. Commence the Time Wars of 2010. See the map he created after the jump.

Apparently it is only in testing at the moment, but I hope is works out well. How nice when a project returns, is given new life. Enjoy, Landgrabbers!

: nerd alert :  Now I’m thinking I’d like to see it as an expansion for Catan: Settlers of Calendria.


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