the stillness of a sunday

A chilly scene from a winter cabin

The first annual Haunted Cottage Halloween party (observed on All Saints Day) was smashing! A good start to the weekend, to the month.

But now Daylight Savings Time has ended; snuck off in the wee hours of the morning like a thief, stealing the early evening’s last hour of light and bequeathing it back to the early-risers. When will this ritual be put on a shelf? I say just split the difference —it’s only an hour— and stop inducing mild jet-lag upon Western nations every six months.

Tonight: Low 34º, realfeel 24º— Ouch. With the darkness comes the reality of winter temperatures in the Northeast. However, also approaching is our second Winter Cabin of 2013! (Our first was in March, so a different winter, but the same year.) Ruby will be joining us from Georgia once again later this month; let’s hope our rental car doesn’t get stuck in a sudden accumulation of snow again.

I’ve lost some steam in the update-in-progress of; must get back into that, try to finish it in the coming weeks. With three visitors coming in from out of town, plus Work, November won’t leave a lot of time for such things.

But for now, I think I’ll just read awhile.

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