the coffee is working

(sneak peek of site in development)

It’s another gorgeous fall day, and I ought to’ve gone out there much earlier, but when you catch some flow on a project, it’s criminal to interrupt, even for such a gift of a day. I’ll head out soon, though, before the sun’s gone. I’ve been indulging in some good walks the past few days; two and a half hours of a wander including the park on Friday; a walk to and from the Cottage in Gowanus last evening for BBQ and a few hands of Tarot. Otherwise been inside most of the weekend working on a sorely-needed redesign and rebuild of

It began in the deep dark of February, collecting dust until recently; neglected first on account of code-rage and ennui, then waylaid by a busy work schedule, and finally flat-out ignored in favor of summer pursuits. It’s going well, but a time-consuming process, and I’ve only barely begun to populate the thing with the work, save logos and some flashy ‘hero’ images for the front page. Much of the time spent thus far has been wrestling with the damn WP code to knock it into something that pleases me visually and functionally. Nuances. There are still one or two items of contention, but they are not unacceptable; they can wait. It feels good to finally get the site to this point, though, fueled by coffee and summertime dance tunes. Haven’t worked on something for the enjoyment of it in a long time, let alone on a weekend.

The next big time-suck will be gathering all of the actual projects, sorting them chronologically, formatting for the new site, and then populating it with same. When it’s complete, it’ll be sortable, searchable, and responsive— friendly to the various and sundry pocket- and tablet-sized do-dads.

Ugh. While working on adding some links to the About page, I discovered via Google that my fine art site was hacked. Hadto go into the FTP server and do some surgery. What a bother. Bloody hell. Oh well. I’m headed outside. The rest can wait— this should be nighttime work on such a day.

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