Luck is a residual of preparation: visiting artist talk

Monica Forsythe wrote an an article on Medium regarding my visiting artist talk for UMBC at the Spark Gallery during the Light City Festival in Baltimore. I'm honored and gratified to have made such an impression. It was a curious and enlightening endeavor. The preparation for the talk took me backwards through time, and reminded me where… Continue reading Luck is a residual of preparation: visiting artist talk

Multidisciplinism? I’m gonna talk about it in Charm City. (update)

Observations of a Visualist If you're in the Baltimore area for the last night of the Light City Festival on April 8 at 7:30 pm (that's 19:30 World Time)— do join me in the at the UMBC pop-up gallery in the Inner Harbor for a chat and presentation regarding the importance of  multidisciplism (see also: generalism) in the technology-driven world of… Continue reading Multidisciplinism? I’m gonna talk about it in Charm City. (update)

#NotMyPresident, as they say

I try to not go political too often on this blog, but this is graphic design too. I made this gif in response to the horrors of only the first few days of new policies and decrees from our new leader, Herr Drumpf. Feel free to share it via GIPHY

Ink works: art archive

Apologies! This was meant to post yesterday— the danger of three day weekends; one forgets what day it is. Anyway, I love this drawing! It's an illustration that I did (in ink) as a full page for a magazine layout project back in the day. It's my friends Kelley, Thomas, and Sean (but they were in the… Continue reading Ink works: art archive

The Republic is collapsing

I decided to make this into a finished piece. The Republic is collapsing under its own weight. Bernie for Caesar! (tongue in cheek, this, by the way)

Process: from manuscript to illustrated book

This is a post about a project I've been participating in for a few months. It's a noir-style children's book in which nursery rhymes meet police procedural. A friend and client of mine, R. Andrew Heidel (owner of famous The Way Station bar), wrote True Crimes from Rhymes Square years ago and finally found an illustrator who was right for the job— Eric Hamilton. They hired me on as the publication designer.

A new web site for Electrofork!

I've been working on a new portfolio site for about a month now, and it's completed at last! It's got larger images and a much better system of navigation, and has a responsive layout so will look lovely on all the devices. I'M VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT! Go check it out here. Click all the… Continue reading A new web site for Electrofork!

The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

As I posted about a lot over the past few months, I’ve designed a calendar based on the signs of the Zodiac, but re-invented as house sigils or shields, complete with a house motto that distills the nature of each sign to a single phrase (as in the Game of Thrones series and the long heraldic… Continue reading The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

The Countdown is on: 31 hours remaining!

There are 31 hours remaining in my Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of my calendar! "A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— A New Year is coming." Check out the project page at Kickstarter and join me in making this a reality! It will… Continue reading The Countdown is on: 31 hours remaining!

Announcing: Pisces

Another sigil has been designed. This one is based on my adorable little pond comet, Wink. He's got a ball gown of a tail, and is a slender little ballerina of a fish. I've decided to focus on the designs first, and get to the mottos of houses later on, as they require more research.… Continue reading Announcing: Pisces