Process: from manuscript to illustrated book

This is a post about a project I've been participating in for a few months. It's a noir-style children's book in which nursery rhymes meet police procedural. A friend and client of mine, R. Andrew Heidel (owner of famous The Way Station bar), wrote True Crimes from Rhymes Square years ago and finally found an illustrator who was right for the job— Eric Hamilton. They hired me on as the publication designer.

A Book of Children’s Rhymes: illustrations

While in Baltimore last month, I went to Ellicott City, a little old mill town which is now is known for being quaint; antiques shops and cafes. I found (and bought) a children's book from the 1970s, one which I quickly realized I'd had as a child. It's one of the books that taught me… Continue reading A Book of Children’s Rhymes: illustrations

An illustrated book acquired on my travels

“Anbetung des Korsetts” Or, Adoration of the Corset, by Bele Bachem and Wolfgang Ebert. I found this at a book seller's stall in a little market in Amsterdam near Nieuwmarkt. Zac and I each found several books there, and a lot of vintage postcards. It's a German book, published in 1961, and the illustrations are fantastic. They remind… Continue reading An illustrated book acquired on my travels