An illustrated book acquired on my travels

“Anbetung des Korsetts”

Or, Adoration of the Corset, by Bele Bachem and Wolfgang Ebert. I found this at a book seller’s stall in a little market in Amsterdam near Nieuwmarkt. Zac and I each found several books there, and a lot of vintage postcards. It’s a German book, published in 1961, and the illustrations are fantastic. They remind me of the wonderful ink drawings Andy Warhol did before he quit his day job.

I’ve scanned a few of them and used Google translate, which does rather a poor job. If anyone out there is fluent in both German and sass, send translations! Or hit me up to translate the whole thing.

“Anbetung des Korsetts”Ein interessanter Fall für Korsettomanen.
Zech Korsetts geben sich ein modisches Stelldichein.
Man kann also fast von einem Korselett sprechen.
Man kann es aber auch bleiben lassen.

An interesting case for corset maniacs.
Zech corsets give yourself a fashionable rendezvous.
So you can almost speak of a corselet.
One can but leave to remain so.

“Anbetung des Korsetts” illustration
So viel unverhüllte Natur hat natürlich auch ihren Reiz.
Sie kann aber auch reizbar machen,
das sieht man an dem mehrdeutigen Geschöpf in der Mitte.
Der Dame zur Linken sei gesagt,
dass ein Regenschirm noch kein Korsett ersetzt,
nicht einmal im Regen.

So much blatant nature of course has its own charm.
But it can also make irritable,
you will recognize the ambiguous creature in the middle.
The lady on the left is said,
an umbrella that still does not replace a corset,
not even in the rain.

“Anbetung des Korsetts” illustration

Man soll keine Korsetts dort sehen wollen, wo keine hingehören— zum Beispiel an Banhöfen.
Nur die Standuhr rechts trägt eines aus Gründen der Standfestigkeit.
Es wäre aber ein Fehler, sich nach ihr zu richten.

You will not want to see Corsets where the don’t belong— for example in Banhöfen.
Only the grandfather clock on the right wears a sake of stability.
It would be a mistake to depend on her.

“Anbetung des Korsetts” book cover


2 thoughts on “An illustrated book acquired on my travels”

  1. I’m glad to find your post! I bought this book years ago in rural Germany, at a barn sale. I can read German but I also cannot glean a good translation of this madness. Gonna keep looking…

    1. Oh, wow! Please let me know if you find a translation of it! I’m sure it’s filled with weird idioms and probably even slang or phrases specific to the time it was written, so difficult to translate. The drawings are fantastic.

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