Skating on a frozen canal— a poster design

A poster commissioned by Luff for their upcoming show at Union Hall in Brooklyn. They wanted something wintry yet warm, and though at first I was thinking of ice boats, my mind quickly jumped to the thought of ice skating on canals— so naturally I decided on an image of Amsterdam. Clearly this isn’t a literal rendering, as the canal is not bordered by houses (nor the ubiquitous bicycles, nor cars). For simplicity’s sake, and a cleaner silhouette of the trees, I made instead a single row of the iconic houses in the back, lined up in front of the Zuiderkerk tower.

Luff posters for Union Hall

I made both a daytime and nighttime version. While the nighttime scene is more immediately striking, the daytime one is more effective, as the eye is drown to the skater, and then straight to the text. I did bookmark-sized (4-up, on letter paper) for the hand-outs, in black and white. Rather more dynamic in the tall slender aspect ratio, as I was able to bring the skater forward and enlarge her.

Christmas napkin

I saved this napkin from my brother and  sister-in-law’s over Christmas— I wanted the image to have this kind of whimsical quality, like a picture book from the 1960s or 70s. I love this sort of illustration. I’d like to make more use of my Wacom tablet, and loosen up more sometimes. I tend to be very mathematical and meticulous when drawing with the bezier pen tool.

Luff at Union Hall poster

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