Stained glass, and stumbling upon a thief

I've been working on some ideas for the 2017 Derby Party poster for Commonwealth Bar here in Brooklyn; one idea being a faux stained glass approach. Above is the spare beginning of a design in progress. Below is the same design, incorporating a stock image as a placeholder to decide whether I wanted to pursue the idea… Continue reading Stained glass, and stumbling upon a thief

October snuck in

Here's a poster and wall banner I designed for South Brooklyn Shakespeare's first event in their salon reading series, to take place on November 1. ( La Dia de los Muertos, poor Yorick!) October has blustered in with a bitch slap, weather-wise, here in NYC. Prelude to Hurricane Joaquin. Not very nice, but that's autumn… Continue reading October snuck in

Design: Derby Day posters

Here is the poster design / illustration I created for this year's Derby Party at Commonwealth bar in Brooklyn. Ray (the proprietor) has commissioned me a number of times for these; he started having these parties at the Great Lakes bar years ago. This year's design combines qualities of my two favorite posters from previous… Continue reading Design: Derby Day posters

Skating on a frozen canal— a poster design

Luff gigposter

A poster commissioned by Luff for their upcoming show at Union Hall in Brooklyn. They wanted something wintry yet warm, and though at first I was thinking of ice boats, my mind quickly jumped to the thought of ice skating on canals— so naturally I decided on an image of Amsterdam. I made both a daytime and nighttime version.