Ink works: art archive

ink illustration of three friendsApologies! This was meant to post yesterday— the danger of three day weekends; one forgets what day it is.

Anyway, I love this drawing! It’s an illustration that I did (in ink) as a full page for a magazine layout project back in the day. It’s my friends Kelley, Thomas, and Sean (but they were in the cafeteria at Pratt, not a cafe).

Layout with text illustration and image (no text)Here’s a two-page spread for another project, prior to laying the copy in. The illustration was done with ink and gouache; headline inked by hand, too.

Hand-lettered text of a Bauhaus song lyricAnd more: hand-lettered typography, designed to ‘illustrate’ the meaning of the phrase. (It’s a lyric from Bauhaus’ In the Night on the record The Sky’s Gone Out. Very dark indeed.)

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