Some figure drawings unearthed

Today has been very busy, and I hadn't prepared a post! So enjoy these old sketches from a drink n draw at 3rd Ward. These were all 10-20 minute poses, with marker and pen.

From the archive: an outboard motor and a few lines

An outboard motor, its rotors dull and pitted, hangs from a century-old beam among the rafters. The darkness up there would be forbidding, were it not for the string of lights ‘round the mirror Which smudged reflection is filled with faces, flickering in shadows Of candles and various states of inebriation. The man behind the… Continue reading From the archive: an outboard motor and a few lines

Floor plans of a room: art archive

I've no recollection of what these plans / designs were intended for; sketches at least 18 years old. Regardless of their erstwhile infamy, I don't know what the three screens were about, and don't know to what room these referred. And what on earth is “Model of Strategy”? It had to be for work (“Time to… Continue reading Floor plans of a room: art archive

Studies for paintings: art archive

Here are some sketchbook studies from some years ago. Two of these (above right and farther below) turned into oil paintings (working in thin glazes) on wood panels, frames painted to match. In the case of the studies (second set in particular), I believe the finished pieces lost something in the translations; the faces are more… Continue reading Studies for paintings: art archive

Ink works: art archive

Apologies! This was meant to post yesterday— the danger of three day weekends; one forgets what day it is. Anyway, I love this drawing! It's an illustration that I did (in ink) as a full page for a magazine layout project back in the day. It's my friends Kelley, Thomas, and Sean (but they were in the… Continue reading Ink works: art archive

Early grotesques: art archive

A number of years ago I published a limited edition of a book of drawings entitled A Collection of Surmised Grotesques. It was a project that grew out of my sketchbook drawings; some were loosely based on observations, though many were invented out of whole cloth. Each page featured an individual, and a line or two about personality,… Continue reading Early grotesques: art archive

Colors on whimsy: art archive

Some scans from an old sketchbook— whimsy with art markers. (Always with the forks) This one is a drawing of a table i inherited from my grandparents' house. I stripped the top surfaces and painted a black and white harlequin pattern which nicely offset the brown veneer and brass-tipped legs. I had to leave it… Continue reading Colors on whimsy: art archive

Notes from the archives

While upstate over the holiday, I did some excavating and archiving of old art* and other things when I could find time. Often late at night, when the house was quiet.  The first night followed time spent watching old super 8 home movies from childhood. A natural progression, and something I'd planned to do this trip.… Continue reading Notes from the archives

Art Archive: sunflowers in silhouette

Art Archive, 2007: compressed charcoal drawing of some of the sunflowers that were growing on the ledge outside my kitchen window.

Some do-dads from the archive

Well, I have several things waiting on my list of things to blog about, but they are things that will require some time, research and / or thoughtful writing, and it's Friday evening and I don't want to continue sitting in front of a machine, as I've already been in front of one all day.… Continue reading Some do-dads from the archive