Some figure drawings unearthed

Today has been very busy, and I hadn't prepared a post! So enjoy these old sketches from a drink n draw at 3rd Ward. These were all 10-20 minute poses, with marker and pen.

Update: Freckles is finished.

The final piece- click on the image to see larger. What a lot of work this boy has cost me– so much penciling. Looks somewhat stoic and rather better than I'd expected, though, now he's finished. The process scans are useful and interesting (to me), as they are a reminder of at least some of… Continue reading Update: Freckles is finished.

The slow process of pencil-shading, mechanically

Mechanical pencil– mechanized shading therewith. It's a 0.5 lead, and much as I love working with it, I realize I'm attacking fine art with an architect or engineer's tool. What's one to do? One begins with, then becomes comfortable with, and finally attached to one's media. (It's a pencil I found in the Pratt library… Continue reading The slow process of pencil-shading, mechanically

Bluegrass at Banjo Jim’s

Saturday night, after a dinner of much Argentinian steak in the East Village, we wended our way to Avenue C and caught some live Bluegrass music at Banjo Jim's– a rather large and interchanging group of musicians for such a small space, and an enjoyable exercise in gesture drawing for me and my sketchbook. (A… Continue reading Bluegrass at Banjo Jim’s

more figure drawings

30-second and one-minute gesture drawings three twenty-minute drawings

Drink n’ Draw

some thirty-second and one minute long poses Last night Kim and I went to the 3rd Ward figure drawing session (with cans of Colt 45 and  styrofoam-inspired snacks, such as cheeze doodles™ and munchos™). I haven't done figure drawing since I was at Pratt, so it was long overdue. It's all proper, beginning with 30… Continue reading Drink n’ Draw