Drink n’ Draw

some thirty-second and one minute long poses

Last night Kim and I went to the 3rd Ward figure drawing session (with cans of Colt 45 and  styrofoam-inspired snacks, such as cheeze doodles™ and munchos™). I haven’t done figure drawing since I was at Pratt, so it was long overdue. It’s all proper, beginning with 30 seconds, then one min., then two min., and so on, with some ten- and twenty-minute poses as the culmination. Loads of people there, too. A good discipline. I’ll have to get more paper and markers for next time. I used some of the charcoal I bought a couple years ago, but the whole marker technique (thanks, Tom Tom!)  is really perfect for this. Start with pale, pale, and find your way along, like testing the waters.

tens and twenties

a foot! and some hands…

2 thoughts on “Drink n’ Draw”

  1. Drink & Draw was so much fun- yay! for colt 45 and styrofoam treats ha ha. The drawings look great, the hands & feet look really amazing, i always end up avoiding them- next time I will take the opportunity to focus on having some drawings that are not amputated.

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