Scenes from the Pines

We spent the weekend in Fire Island with some friends; a last chance at beachiness before the true changing of the seasons. We were lucky enough to have landed a lovely house on a beautiful plot in the Pines (thank you Shmul), and even with rain on Saturday it was such a gift of time away before the interminable cold begins– away from the city (and yet so close), surrounded by water and green. I’ll put some photos up on flickr™ (I still owe it images from my trip to Rochester earlier this summer)– but for now, here are some selects for desktop backgrounds. Click through on thumbnails, then right-click  (pc/mac) or control-click (one-button mac) the full size image to save image to disk. The full-size images are 1920 x 1200, jpg.

Bird’s nest in autumn sartorials

salt grass in the marsh
Saltgrasses in the marsh (or, My Life in the Bush of Ducks)

glass in the solarium - abstract
Blue glass in the solarium

Ornament after rain looking on the solarium

disco glints in daylight
Disco lights in sunlight (on Tarpon)

warm lamps in the square
Warm lamps in the square

Please note: permission to use as desktops granted– any interest or need in duplication or reproduction in any other case or format:  contact me–, contact page.

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