An architecture of isolation

  The wires are a connective element; a conduit of civilizing electricity, yet there is an insistence on isolation inherent in the design of some of the houses here. Beyond an eye toward privacy, they sometimes feel fortress-like, extending a feeling of invitation only to those already familiar; only to those whose homes they are.… Continue reading An architecture of isolation

The hum in the wires

There is a hum in the wires. It's faint but if you close your eyes it’ll find you. It was there before the wires were strung, but in them it found a conduit. It's elemental, but not the way you may think. It’s not the wind, either. Those forces are altogether different to what sings… Continue reading The hum in the wires

Unicorns in the pool, and a search for sea-softened stones

Here are a couple watercolor sketches that I began on the weekend while in Fire Island, and finished last night. And an excerpt from a text I sent to a friend, regarding a particular mission while I was out on the island: Twice this day I've filled my pockets with soft sea-rounded stones for our… Continue reading Unicorns in the pool, and a search for sea-softened stones

An austerity of angles sprouting from wild grasses

wild grasses in Fire Island

Along windswept edges of town amid stern midcentury angles, a bright unsunny light filters and glances; limns the geometric emptinesses between things on a weekend in shoulder season on a slip of land off the coast of Long Island. The color of the wood sea-silvered— salt boxes beheaded, re-envisioned by exacting minds, rise out of… Continue reading An austerity of angles sprouting from wild grasses

Scenes from a nearby barrier island

Here are some photographs from my brief but lovely stay in Cherry Grove, Fire Island last week. A soothing balm, and the friends I stayed with had a little oasis of a cottage on the bayside. It was so serene and lovely that I didn't even go off on a wander to photograph more of… Continue reading Scenes from a nearby barrier island

Suggestions of a fine summer day

Here's a scene from the deck of our little house in Cherry Grove. I had it in mind that I'd start with some color then go in and add structure with pen, but I quite liked how serene and unfettered this looked so decided to leave it as mere suggestions of the pool and flower… Continue reading Suggestions of a fine summer day

The longest day of the year has come and gone, but the heat is just getting started.

July already! 2012 is halfway gone. Last week was the first of the summer trips, and a beach week. Sunday at Fort Tilden followed by 4 days in Fire Island with a gaggle of friends. And quite a few ticky deer, poor things. They are bold, though, as evidenced by the above photograph. Since returning the… Continue reading The longest day of the year has come and gone, but the heat is just getting started.

Scenes from the Pines

We spent the weekend in Fire Island with some friends; a last chance at beachiness before the true changing of the seasons. We were lucky enough to have landed a lovely house on a beautiful plot in the Pines (thank you Shmul), and even with rain on Saturday it was such a gift of time… Continue reading Scenes from the Pines

All these inlets are of a small depth

1779: Fire Island, then known simply as the South Beach of Sand and Stones. This map was in the little visitor information center at Sailor's Haven, a small marina between Cherry Grove and the Sunken Forest, through which we trekked on Monday morning, our third morning at the beach. Following a brief summer shower and… Continue reading All these inlets are of a small depth

out of the fire..

Fire Island, that is. One full week out there and you completely forget that feeling in your lower back that arises from being in front of the computer machine all day! Alas, after a single work day, it begins to creep back up the spine. I feel fairly certain I've caught up with everything, but… Continue reading out of the fire..