The floating city; a mirage in the heat of a summer day

My brother came to visit for a few days. We had an adventure-filled weekend, and I'm thankful for his visit, as I was when my older brother and his family were here earlier in the month. Not only to have spent time with them, but also because visitors ensure you get out and do things.… Continue reading The floating city; a mirage in the heat of a summer day


Observing and Listening have become almost superpowers in the contemporary world. Such pursuits are almost the opposite of (though are often mistaken for) 'consuming', because to truly see and/or hear takes as much patience and skill as any act of creation. They are the wells that feed creation. Processes —both of observation and research— culminate in… Continue reading Superpowers

A crossing to the farther shore

View facing west as we await the ferry On an Easter Monday back in early May, Z, J, and I went on a cycling wander with our friends in Amsterdam. Though it was chill and overcast, we had a fantastic day exploring Amsterdam Noord. Two of our bikes on the deck of the ferry A… Continue reading A crossing to the farther shore

Yesterday the Spring Equinox; today a Snow Day

Today is an unexpected day off for me after working more or less every day since February 26! Granted, some of those days I only worked 2-3 hours, but still, this has come at a perfect time, as one of my big project deadlines culminated in our company's annual event yesterday. Very nice to have… Continue reading Yesterday the Spring Equinox; today a Snow Day

Enduring the caprices of the gods

None of us is a stranger to the need for endurance. It’s a universal theme; always returned to in stories. We endure. And in the strength we needful gain in our small hero’s journeys, we encounter the requirement of meaning. Neither the smallest nor greatest of trials is endurable without that ineffable, elusive thing we… Continue reading Enduring the caprices of the gods

Our hopes such as they are, invisible before us, untouched and still possible*

Returned from the snow farm for the last few days of the year’s closing book. Serene here, too— quiet and white-blanketed. Few people are on the sidewalks, chilled and brittle. The emptiness of the playground today: a witness to the mercury, its height diminished despite bright sun. And here we meet our fabricated bookends for… Continue reading Our hopes such as they are, invisible before us, untouched and still possible*

Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

Out the front window near my desk, the swifting plash of car tires; drips dripping off the curled iron of the fire escape. Out the back window, where the trees climb higher than the roof, rain soft patterings on wet leaves; there is no wind today. The leaves have not even begun to consider a… Continue reading Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

An architecture of isolation

  The wires are a connective element; a conduit of civilizing electricity, yet there is an insistence on isolation inherent in the design of some of the houses here. Beyond an eye toward privacy, they sometimes feel fortress-like, extending a feeling of invitation only to those already familiar; only to those whose homes they are.… Continue reading An architecture of isolation