Day twelve: A preview of Winter when the first wind arrived, bringing leaves down

Day twelve: They felt a preview of Winter when the first wind arrived, bringing leaves down. Seasons no longer followed the rules they'd known all their lives. +   +   +

Yesterday the Spring Equinox; today a Snow Day

Today is an unexpected day off for me after working more or less every day since February 26! Granted, some of those days I only worked 2-3 hours, but still, this has come at a perfect time, as one of my big project deadlines culminated in our company's annual event yesterday. Very nice to have… Continue reading Yesterday the Spring Equinox; today a Snow Day

Within an hour of waking, the sun has gladdened the windowpanes

I stayed home last night; missed several parties, missed toasting with friends who I've not seen enough of. A head cold has been slinking ‘round the door for a few days (probably a few weeks), and by Midnight it'd overtaken me. I didn’t have any the past two winters, but I've been burning candles at… Continue reading Within an hour of waking, the sun has gladdened the windowpanes

Our hopes such as they are, invisible before us, untouched and still possible*

Returned from the snow farm for the last few days of the year’s closing book. Serene here, too— quiet and white-blanketed. Few people are on the sidewalks, chilled and brittle. The emptiness of the playground today: a witness to the mercury, its height diminished despite bright sun. And here we meet our fabricated bookends for… Continue reading Our hopes such as they are, invisible before us, untouched and still possible*

The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

It’s double-quilt weather and icy lashes weather as the wind stings saltwater rills from our eyes. Shoulders hunched, we retreat into our hoods like sheltering caves. Convolutions and subtext slip away like shingles from a roof during high winds. Faced with the elemental force of cold, our needs simplify. Just as hunger renders food delicious… Continue reading The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

The crust of snow renders the clear sun blinding

The barn cats, huddled and hungry, have not ventured forth to beg in the dooryard today. The stalwart horses, shaggy in their winter coats and snugged in blankets, have chosen to remain in the shelter of their run-in stalls— those hard-wired grazers who prefer to spend days in search of remaining blades of green beneath… Continue reading The crust of snow renders the clear sun blinding

It snowed just enough to blanket the farm

The trees and shrubs appeared to have sprouted from a vast eiderdown quilt that settled over the viewable acreage overnight. Happy Winter Holidays and snow days for all who enjoy that sort of thing!

The car broke down on a lonely stretch of road

Sorry I missed yesterday's post deadline. Here is one from the archives for December first. Car in Snow.

After the crash we float like ghosts

After the crash, we float like ghosts, moving about the old main street unnoticed and silently marveling at the high pitched roofs and tall windows of these old houses, taking in the glow of warm light of the interiors. The long incandescent puddles projecting out through the panes onto the thick blanket of silencing snow… Continue reading After the crash we float like ghosts

What Stella looked like

Here are some quiet scenes from my neighborhood yesterday, after the thundersnow and wind calmed. The storm never really reached any kind of pitch, but many cancellations were planned, so it was a peaceful day. I spent all but 30 minutes of it indoors; worked an 11 hour day. My wander through the snow was pretty… Continue reading What Stella looked like