What Stella looked like

Here are some quiet scenes from my neighborhood yesterday, after the thundersnow and wind calmed. The storm never really reached any kind of pitch, but many cancellations were planned, so it was a peaceful day. I spent all but 30 minutes of it indoors; worked an 11 hour day. My wander through the snow was pretty… Continue reading What Stella looked like

The wind, HOWLING

An old drawing, recently rediscovered. And here we are, still banished to the land of wind and ghosts. I feel I’ve fairly jinxed something by quoting that passage from Hemingway a ways back; while we’ve not had too much in the way of rain, we’ve yet to meet that “night of warm wind” that brings… Continue reading The wind, HOWLING

post Irene and the waning days of summer

I've been catching up on news of damage caused by hurricane Irene. While Brooklyn and much of NYC were largely less affected than expected, there was so much flooding and wind damage elsewhere, and so many without power. It's frightening to watch, as these types of severe storms are growing more and more common. It… Continue reading post Irene and the waning days of summer

In which we await hurricane Irene

I'm scheduled to be at a wedding on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, it's slated to take place on the beach at Montauk, the furthest end of the south fork of Long Island. Poor timing to say the least. Weather.com is still saying it will be sunny and windy,  high of 76 and 0% chance of rain… Continue reading In which we await hurricane Irene