post Irene and the waning days of summer

I’ve been catching up on news of damage caused by hurricane Irene. While Brooklyn and much of NYC were largely less affected than expected, there was so much flooding and wind damage elsewhere, and so many without power. It’s frightening to watch, as these types of severe storms are growing more and more common. It brings to mind much of the information I worked with designing exhibits for a science museum; climate change– flooding in some areas, drought in others. Our world is becoming less and less hospitable.

Oddly enough, the days out in Montauk just after the storm went through NYC felt anything but inhospitable. We had days in a row of perfect, clear summer for Greg & Quin’s wedding, and afterward. Their house had lost power Saturday night, but it was restored minutes before the ceremony, around 4:30 or 5:00 on Monday. I stayed out there two days longer than planned as a result– it felt like a chance that shouldn’t be passed up. So I’ve been indoors most of this weekend (still lovely outside), working away to catch up for those two days.

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