In which we await hurricane Irene

I’m scheduled to be at a wedding on Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s slated to take place on the beach at Montauk, the furthest end of the south fork of Long Island. Poor timing to say the least. is still saying it will be sunny and windy,  high of 76 and 0% chance of rain that day, so provided the LIRR is up and running (or the MTA and the Hampton Jitney), I may be able to go if it’s still on. (Provided, of course,  the beach is still there.)

In the meantime, Brooklynites are in the shops stocking up for the coming storm! I’ve just been out to drop off laundry and pick up some supplies in case this gal doesn’t drop in intensity by the time it reaches NY (as they generally do).

I’ve got about 3 gallons of water in the fridge, if you count seltzer (which I do); flat water in the Brita pitcher, in my sport bottle, and now in a giant pitcher just procured from the 99 cents store. Additionally, I’ve filled my 5-gallon bucket and set it aside in the shower (why not?) Still to be gathered: wine! Other items already procured:

2 bags of ice
baby wipes (clean hands in a no water sitch!)
some canned goods, etc.

I’m in the process of making some things that will be okay cold or hot– pasta, a cous cous salad, coffee to go in the fridge (I do that anyway). I generally don’t respond much to media panic, but considering the MTA is already scheduled to shut down tomorrow, it seems wise to be prepared. Making sure all devices stay charged until said storm, etc. One is advised by the media to have a go bag. Hmm. I don’t know. It seems the main concern in the low-lying areas of the city is flooding, and my apartment is not only on the high ground in the Slope, but also on the third floor, so it may be a spot to go to, as apposed to go from.

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