A long overdue revisitation

Along A Path, 2011 (intaglio and aquatint) I've just signed up —at long last— for another printmaking class! Difficult to believe it's been seven years since my scholarship to learn copperplate etching (intaglio) at Manhattan Graphics Center, which was my first and only foray into this fantastic ancient method of picture-making. The class begins in… Continue reading A long overdue revisitation

Focal lengths and depth of field on pencil drawings

Here are a couple stills from a scene into which I'm working that oak tree drawing and the landscape I've been working on. I'm still getting the hang of working with cameras, and messing about with focal lengths and such, to get the depth of field. It's slow going, but enjoyable.

Within an hour of waking, the sun has gladdened the windowpanes

I stayed home last night; missed several parties, missed toasting with friends who I've not seen enough of. A head cold has been slinking ‘round the door for a few days (probably a few weeks), and by Midnight it'd overtaken me. I didn’t have any the past two winters, but I've been burning candles at… Continue reading Within an hour of waking, the sun has gladdened the windowpanes

A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

A murmuration of starlings could be spotted in the distance, swirling and changing formation above the far edge of the tilled field. Days twenty-nine and thirty of #Inktober. Click through to see the individual drawings in more detail. .   .   . While I'm writing, I want to say thanks to everyone who's found… Continue reading A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

Update on the trees

  Here are three snapshots showing progress to the final, where none of the wood remains visible, as in the previous landscapes. I also decided against the golden leaves; as I worked the snow the monochrome won. I may do another, more autumnal, with vibrant leaves. Also, these weathered cedar shingles are a bit tricky to work on,… Continue reading Update on the trees


Treescape in snow 4.5" x 11", Ink washes and gouache on hot pressed watercolor paper, 2010   ps - looks nice with the digital WordPress snow, eh? And did you notice? The snow follows your cursor.