A long overdue revisitation

Along A Path, 2011 (intaglio and aquatint) I've just signed up —at long last— for another printmaking class! Difficult to believe it's been seven years since my scholarship to learn copperplate etching (intaglio) at Manhattan Graphics Center, which was my first and only foray into this fantastic ancient method of picture-making. The class begins in… Continue reading A long overdue revisitation

April begins in the etching studio

"Bywater umbrella"*, soft ground etching. click to see large "Along a path", line etching and aquatint. click to see large. I went in to the studio yesterday afternoon for about five hours or so. Pure joy. Worked the two plates above, which have been in progress (and already documented here, so I won't go into… Continue reading April begins in the etching studio

Line etching with spit-bite

Proofs of the two portraits, line-etched only. (Lady looks to have a mustache– must burnish those lines down!) Yes, you read that correctly: spit-bite. Contrary to what Wiki says, we are learning the old-school method, so it is what it sounds like–  a way of "biting" the plate with acid that involves actual salivary effluvium–… Continue reading Line etching with spit-bite