April begins in the etching studio

soft ground etching of New Orleans
“Bywater umbrella“*, soft ground etching. click to see large

line etching and aquatint by E Daggar
“Along a path”, line etching and aquatint. click to see large.

I went in to the studio yesterday afternoon for about five hours or so. Pure joy. Worked the two plates above, which have been in progress (and already documented here, so I won’t go into it), but I am really pleased with the way a little bit of tone in the windows of the cottage just warmed it up and added some much-needed dimension in that area.

As for the soft-ground, I’d been fretting so much, unsure of what to work on for that, and feeling whatever I decided to work on would turn out poorly, but I quite enjoyed it- happily surprised. It’s really a pretty amazing process, and something about the un-portability and urgency of you must work it all in one sitting! adds a little zing to it. I think I will use it to create some more Victorian portraits, such as the pencil drawings from last year– it could be perfect for that.

I think these are both pretty well ready to be editioned, after some minor adjustments. There are, sadly, only two classes left, but my plan is to take the class again next semester.

* What Ben said: “Your trees have become magical.” (I do think they have been progressing… but I just love that word.)

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