A row of brownstones: process part III

I planned to post this Friday, but things being what they are out in the world, I didn't manage it. With things in NYC going from quasi-normal to lockdown in a matter of days, it wasn't a priority. I spent part of the weekend in communication with family and friends near and far, a final… Continue reading A row of brownstones: process part III

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Continuing on last week's theme— images from Savannah. Here are two scans of a copper plate etching in progress. Above shows the first pull of phase two, after adding some tones with aquatint. This is a miniature print (3"x3"). The next phase will involve some burnishing of the plate to create more variations in the… Continue reading Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Miniature Prints Exhibition

left: Alfama, Lisbon. right: El Poble Sec, Barcelona (line etching + aquatint) The two 3" x 3" intaglio prints that I did after my trip in May, with this call-for-entries specifically in mind, have been accepted into the 4th New York International Miniature Print Exhibition. Very exciting! I have some time to make more prints… Continue reading Miniature Prints Exhibition

Summer Sunday blues

An etching of the view from the balcony in El Poble Sec in Barcelona I'm feeling scattered and at a loss. I have a lot that I could be doing, preparing, working on, reading, and yet I've been sitting at the computer sort of flitting in and out, here and there— utterly unable or unwilling… Continue reading Summer Sunday blues

subtle, but it makes all the difference

Yesterday in the studio I worked a new soft ground, and also decided to try some spit-bite aquatint on an older plate. I'd already editioned this etching (A cottage under snow)  in its second state (10 prints), and was feeling adventurous. Not only have I finally got a feel for the process of aquatint, but… Continue reading subtle, but it makes all the difference

April begins in the etching studio

"Bywater umbrella"*, soft ground etching. click to see large "Along a path", line etching and aquatint. click to see large. I went in to the studio yesterday afternoon for about five hours or so. Pure joy. Worked the two plates above, which have been in progress (and already documented here, so I won't go into… Continue reading April begins in the etching studio

Line etching with spit-bite

Proofs of the two portraits, line-etched only. (Lady looks to have a mustache– must burnish those lines down!) Yes, you read that correctly: spit-bite. Contrary to what Wiki says, we are learning the old-school method, so it is what it sounds like–  a way of "biting" the plate with acid that involves actual salivary effluvium–… Continue reading Line etching with spit-bite