Miniature Print Exhibits

Summer is here, and I’m excited to announce that two of my miniature intaglio prints have been selected for inclusion in mini printmaking shows here in NYC! I spent the winter months working on very small copper plates in the etching studio. I love working on small plates. Despite their size, they can do a… Continue reading Miniature Print Exhibits

A row of brownstones: process part II

Here is the third proof I pulled after completing my line etches in the acid bath on Tuesday. The first proof was a mess, on account of excess acid and water trapped beneath the contact paper that held the strips together throughout the etching process. I removed it, cleaned the plates, and re-joined them with… Continue reading A row of brownstones: process part II

An extra day in the year

Happy Leap Day! It seems fitting that our extra day comes on the weekend, else I'm sure it would be overlooked by many of us. It isn't as if the world treats this day any differently. I've been trying hard to not allow the relentless news of the world to overwhelm me. It can be… Continue reading An extra day in the year

Miniature Prints Exhibition

left: Alfama, Lisbon. right: El Poble Sec, Barcelona (line etching + aquatint) The two 3" x 3" intaglio prints that I did after my trip in May, with this call-for-entries specifically in mind, have been accepted into the 4th New York International Miniature Print Exhibition. Very exciting! I have some time to make more prints… Continue reading Miniature Prints Exhibition

Second week in the printmaking studio

Here is a picture I took with my phone after working the drawing in the hard ground, then immersing the plate for three 'bites' in the acid. This plate will serve as my re-entry to the world and techniques of etching, since it's been over 7 years since I took my first class, so I… Continue reading Second week in the printmaking studio

A long overdue revisitation

Along A Path, 2011 (intaglio and aquatint) I've just signed up —at long last— for another printmaking class! Difficult to believe it's been seven years since my scholarship to learn copperplate etching (intaglio) at Manhattan Graphics Center, which was my first and only foray into this fantastic ancient method of picture-making. The class begins in… Continue reading A long overdue revisitation


Well, I've not posted even the merest speck of art in awhile now, so here is the wee drypoint test I performed during my etching & intaglio class on Tuesday. Let me tell you, drypoint on copper plate is a far cry from same on plexiglass (which I was doing during the fall, for example).… Continue reading tree

New line etching in progress

the copper plate, in process of being scribed (hard ground applied) digital proof made by scanning, inversing and adjusting contrast of copper plate An eight hour day in the home studio, spent scribing the hard ground. Below are more scans in-progress; this is how I get an idea of what the line work I've done… Continue reading New line etching in progress

Etching, plate No.2 sneak peek

Portion of second plate with hard ground; scribing in progress; this image represents a small area (3.5" x 2") of the full size (7.25" x 9.25") Yesterday I went into the studio and cut a second plate and prepped with hard ground. I transferred a drawing onto it (using white colored pencil on the back… Continue reading Etching, plate No.2 sneak peek


I'm trying to get better at the SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION that is required. So I repeat, here, that tomorrow, Saturday DECEMBER 18, at Brooklyn Craft Central's Holiday Food & Craft Fair –LITTLEFIELD SPACE–  everything for sale from Electrofork will be * SERIOUSLY ON SALE! * Absurd markdowns for ONE DAY ONLY!!