Well, I’ve not posted even the merest speck of art in awhile now, so here is the wee drypoint test I performed during my etching & intaglio class on Tuesday. Let me tell you, drypoint on copper plate is a far cry from same on plexiglass (which I was doing during the fall, for example). Copper shows every last nuance– every depth of cut, the amount of pressure used. Far more persnickety! Well worth using a scrap of metal, as this one (approx. 1.5″ x 2.75″? at most)– just to get a feel for it. Against my assumptions, etching with hard ground (or even soft ground, very sensitive) and acid is actually far more forgiving. (I may, next attempt, try coating the plate with a thin layer of dark, to more easily see where I’ve worked and not.)

More to come as I begin larger projects, soon… really. After the move…

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