Etching, plate No.2 sneak peek

line etching with hard ground
Portion of second plate with hard ground; scribing in progress; this image represents a small area (3.5″ x 2″) of the full size (7.25″ x 9.25″)

Yesterday I went into the studio and cut a second plate and prepped with hard ground. I transferred a drawing onto it (using white colored pencil on the back of the drawing, then tracing over it with pressure), and have begun scribing lines into the wax. More mindful this time that not a lot of pressure is needed, and using a large magnifying lens. Drawing every brick… after two and a half hours of hunching over the plate,  time to take a break!

Many hours later Update:

Sliver of a “digital proof”- a cheat, in a way. I scan the plate-in-progress, then inverse and adjust the contrast to get an idea of what my lines are looking like.

So many skinny lines! My neck hurts from working on this for so many hours. Totally worth it, though. I love this medium. Very much looking forward to filling in tonal areas with aquatint.

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