A row of brownstones: process part II

Here is the third proof I pulled after completing my line etches in the acid bath on Tuesday. The first proof was a mess, on account of excess acid and water trapped beneath the contact paper that held the strips together throughout the etching process. I removed it, cleaned the plates, and re-joined them with… Continue reading A row of brownstones: process part II

Still waxing gibbous

Here is my first proof from the etching press of the plate I worked on Friday. Looks good. I want to burnish the lines of the stones in the house to lighten them up- just give more of the 'overexposed' feeling which came through very well in the leaves on that side. Also I stopped… Continue reading Still waxing gibbous

New line etching in progress

the copper plate, in process of being scribed (hard ground applied) digital proof made by scanning, inversing and adjusting contrast of copper plate An eight hour day in the home studio, spent scribing the hard ground. Below are more scans in-progress; this is how I get an idea of what the line work I've done… Continue reading New line etching in progress

Etching: new proofs

first proof after aquatint process. 5.5" x 3.5" In the studio yesterday, I worked simultaneously on two plates, which may not have been the best idea. Above is the proof of my first aquatint. Overall fairly successful, although (because I was dividing my time and thoughts) I failed to pay proper attention to etching times… Continue reading Etching: new proofs

Etching studio: acid bath test

click to see larger image I spent about half the day in the studio yesterday on this; not very exciting, but a handy tool for deciding how long to etch my plates in future. (It measures approx. 10" x 1"... details after the jump) Once the plate was coated with hard ground wax, I made… Continue reading Etching studio: acid bath test

Etching homework

5.5" x 3.5" copper plate with wax hard ground applied; first go at line etching. Above is my homework assignment for the first week of my Etching 7 Intaglio class. It was a learning experience, for sure. Although the instructor warned against using anything too sharp, I used the same scribes I've been using for… Continue reading Etching homework