Still waxing gibbous

line etching proof

Here is my first proof from the etching press of the plate I worked on Friday. Looks good. I want to burnish the lines of the stones in the house to lighten them up- just give more of the ‘overexposed’ feeling which came through very well in the leaves on that side.

Also I stopped smoking. It’s been shockingly less arduous than I suspected thus far, but I shouldn’t say such things too soon. I read this book: The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. The website for it looks like a marketing hoax –big and gaudy– but I did find the book really effective. It’s a kind of brain-un-washing, I suppose. Battles the mental side of quitting, which is the only major obstacle, really.

2 thoughts on “Still waxing gibbous”

  1. Hello Mishaw!

    Congratulations on the quitting of the diet Pepsi. You won’t miss it after awhile. Not worth the risk– I didn’t know that about diet sodas. Hey, now you can take up coffee- it’s much less evil!

    As for the picture, well it’s a copperplate, so I can make quite a few of them once I finish working on it… So I’ll make sure there’s one for you. 🙂

    Love, leee

  2. Dude, I want this picture!!!! How much please?

    OMG, my Lee has quit smoking. Yes!!!!!! I’m so , sniffle, freaking proud of you! Guess what? I have my own monumental quit. That’s right I’m off the Diet Pepsi.

    IT SUCKS!!! I gave it up for Lent, and I guess permanently. I read some article that said drinking diet soda increases your risk of having a stroke by 60%. Well with my Dad’s stroke I guess I already have some risk factor! No thanks.

    We will be miserable together via this here world wide web.


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