A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

A murmuration of starlings could be spotted in the distance, swirling and changing formation above the far edge of the tilled field. Days twenty-nine and thirty of #Inktober. Click through to see the individual drawings in more detail. .   .   . While I'm writing, I want to say thanks to everyone who's found… Continue reading A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

A simple wooden bird house in the copse of trees

A simple, hand-made bird house adorned one of the trees near the house. It was lived in, and a few strands of bedding straw poked out its cozy doorway.   Apologies! This is a day late! More to come tomorrow 🙂 See all of my #Inktober drawings @edaggarart

A stand of birch trees

Day nineteen : A stand of birch trees stood sentinel in the dark. . #Inktober2017 #inktober

Farewell September, hello Inktober!

Every year it seems I forget about Inktober until about a week too late. But this year I remembered and I'm excited to do 29 more drawings! I like the restriction of it. Certainly it's not forbidden to add color, but I'm taking it as a black and white challenge. Above is my drawing from… Continue reading Farewell September, hello Inktober!

A stark row of inky trees

I'd thought this drawing may have wanted some watercolor while I was working on it, but I'm fond of it as a spiky monochrome. Maybe instead I'll go back in with graphite and make it a misty, foggy view.

Working with ink: three renditions of a narrow place

This relates to my post yesterday, regarding a drawing of birch trees. This is the finished inking of a closed in, tangled forest scene I drew last week— album art for a client. This was drawn with pale graphite, then outlined and hatched ten thousand ways to Sunday with a Micron .01mm pen, and finally some washes (a… Continue reading Working with ink: three renditions of a narrow place

How are you feeling about Winter?

Yesterday was day one of the blizzard named Stella. Morning brought the rare and disconcerting phenomenon known as thundersnow. I've been tied to my work in recent weeks, however, so the change in the weather mainly just made it prettier and much quieter (barring the thunder) out my windows. Here's an illustration I started and finished for a client project yesterday.… Continue reading How are you feeling about Winter?