Farewell September, hello Inktober!

Looking up at stars through trees

Every year it seems I forget about Inktober until about a week too late. But this year I remembered and I’m excited to do 29 more drawings! I like the restriction of it. Certainly it’s not forbidden to add color, but I’m taking it as a black and white challenge. Above is my drawing from Day one, and below is Day two. They’ll also be on my instagram (@edaggarart).

More art also at:elizabethdaggar.com.

Leaving woods on a winter night

There was a small woods across the street from the farm. Before the people bought the land and built the large farmhouse and attendant stables and fenced-in pastures, it had been a winter wheat field. If you walked across or around to the back of that field, you’d come upon a picturesque little meadow, hemmed in by trees across which was hidden a lovely woods with a little ribbon of stream running through. It was pretty at all times of year, but in Winter it truly felt like a magical realm, far away from the world.


Drawing two in progress

72 thoughts on “Farewell September, hello Inktober!”

  1. You have an amazing art skills! Keep it up! I got to know about inktober this year. Didn’t knew previously. I couldn’t participate in this cause of lot of work. 😦 But will surely next year.

    Have a good day friend and keep the art flowing! 👍

  2. Your art is very beautiful. This particular post contains what reminds me of the art I see in the children’s book, “The Giving Tree” it is a family favorite. We actually own three copies. The simplicity yet the tones you use is insightful in such a way, my children were very interested (ages 8 and 5). My 8 year old has autism and loves art and puzzles. It
    Think what you provided in this post, in some way bridged a gap between the two for her. I’m following you do can see what else you have to offer!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for this. I’m so glad to hear that my art connected with you and your children. I remember the Giving Tree; a wonderful book. Thanks for visiting and following! I hope you’ll enjoy my work.

    1. Thank you! For these two, it’s all with variable width micron pens, which took forever! I’m starting to incorporate some india ink in the more recent ones, though. (And grey art markers.) I dig the linework in your entries!

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