In Search of Lost Time | no regrets

А la recherche du temps perdu When I saw how the new sun shone,I opened all the morning to her. When I felt the heat of midday,I turned my face to feel her warmth. When her exit cast a wake of diamonds on the sea,I sailed in pursuit ’til they sank out of view. When… Continue reading In Search of Lost Time | no regrets

A simple wooden bird house in the copse of trees

A simple, hand-made bird house adorned one of the trees near the house. It was lived in, and a few strands of bedding straw poked out its cozy doorway.   Apologies! This is a day late! More to come tomorrow 🙂 See all of my #Inktober drawings @edaggarart

On a velvet dark night full of stars, the rain began

It's only day four of Inktober, but already I am feeling as though these drawings are all part of a single story. They are feeling all of a piece. I'll let my mind percolate on it, see if a story can begin to emerge... . Follow me @edaggarart on instagram to see more art, or… Continue reading On a velvet dark night full of stars, the rain began

pinprick diarama

From beneath the thin canopy of trees, walking up Union Street, the number of stars visible this evening is epic! Previously unreckoned save on such nights as of blackouts! Is the apparent brightness of them due to a notable decrease in light pollution caused by the frugal populous of a nation in energy crisis? (This… Continue reading pinprick diarama