Circling back to that red oak tree on the farm, amid snowfall

Beyond the Red Oak v6 from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo. I haven't had time the past two weeks to get much farther with this, but I'm hoping to get back to it on the weekend. Here's where I left off in my motion tests and atmospheric meanderings.

a jaunty little row of art nouveau trees

On offer today: a pencil drawing of yet more winter trees, stylized and simple.

A small woods, cloaked in the lonesome air of winter

A Snow Story [in progress] from Elizabeth Daggar on Vimeo. Here are the bare beginnings. (And more Ravel, as it happens.) For context, see this post and this post.

A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

A murmuration of starlings could be spotted in the distance, swirling and changing formation above the far edge of the tilled field. Days twenty-nine and thirty of #Inktober. Click through to see the individual drawings in more detail. .   .   . While I'm writing, I want to say thanks to everyone who's found… Continue reading A murmuration of starlings spotted on the horizon

A simple wooden bird house in the copse of trees

A simple, hand-made bird house adorned one of the trees near the house. It was lived in, and a few strands of bedding straw poked out its cozy doorway.   Apologies! This is a day late! More to come tomorrow 🙂 See all of my #Inktober drawings @edaggarart

A stand of birch trees

Day nineteen : A stand of birch trees stood sentinel in the dark. . #Inktober2017 #inktober

Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

Out the front window near my desk, the swifting plash of car tires; drips dripping off the curled iron of the fire escape. Out the back window, where the trees climb higher than the roof, rain soft patterings on wet leaves; there is no wind today. The leaves have not even begun to consider a… Continue reading Rain soft patterings on wet leaves

The bicycle was still there as the sun went down

Day ten of #Inktober: The bicycle remained leaning in the clearing where it had been left hours earlier. The sun had begun to set and some stars winked into the deepening darkness high above. . Follow me @edaggarart on instagram to see more art, or @electrofork to see more photos. Even more art at:

Seeing things in similar ways, in black and white

Working with ink: three renditions of a narrow place

This relates to my post yesterday, regarding a drawing of birch trees. This is the finished inking of a closed in, tangled forest scene I drew last week— album art for a client. This was drawn with pale graphite, then outlined and hatched ten thousand ways to Sunday with a Micron .01mm pen, and finally some washes (a… Continue reading Working with ink: three renditions of a narrow place